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Our Story

10% of our profits will go towards the fight against Covid19 in the form of face masks, sanitisers, food, and funds for our frontlines, their families and minorities that are affected in the UK and in other countries. 

Our Story

Amberstalk was founded in 2017 by Kirck Allen and Ryan Lee, Kirck Allen was nicknamed as the "Hemp Prince", He is one of the youngest international hemp consultant, educator & influencer in the industry. Together with a group of young talented professionals, they envisioned to build the worlds most sustainable company through the use of hemp and other sustainable altarnatives. 

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem of products that simplify sustainable living

Our Mission

We can achieve our mission through our three core pillars

Impact - introducing simple products that are essential for our customers health and wellbeing

Sustainability - using products that are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and 

Growth - producing products that are scalable, ethically sourced and naturally grown

Where did Amberstalk come from? 

Back then we came up with 3 names

Hempstalk but we didn't want to focus on hemp alone

Goldstalk but it sounded like a bank

Amberstalk was the name we settled on and we created a story behind it

Do you remember the first Jurassic Park film and the scene where in a mosquito was trapped in an Amber resin? Well in the movie scientists extracted the DNA found within that million year old mosquito and used it to turn them into hundreds and thousands of dinosaurs. 

We wanted to do the same with hemp and other sustainable crops, which was to create an impact by taking the best bits of each crop and turning them into hundreds and thousands of different products!

So Amber represented Impact, and Stalk represented sustainability and growth

Together Amberstalk means to Impact, Sustainability and Growth


"We all want to make a difference in the world but often times we don't know how. Amberstalk is here to simplify sustainable living by intorducing products that compliment your daily needs and introducing products that help improve your health and well being"
- Kirck Allen, CEO & Co-Founder

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