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Vegan Gluten Free Hemp Protein Pancakes Recipe

By Ewelina Roslon

Lockdown has united society in many ways challenging our habits and forcing into changing our daily routines. Thinking of the eating out culture we have (had) here in the UK it would be difficult to explain a few months back that soon we will all have to cook at home.


While it is an enjoyable activity for many, some of us are terrified and relying on ready meals being delivered to our doorstep or perhaps reaching out to unhealthy snacks used to an all-day pyjama party in the comfort of our homes. Although it is fair to say most of us will never receive Michelin Star for our kitchen endeavours, undoubtedly it is crucial at the time of pandemic to take care of nourishing our bodies in care of our immune systems.

Regardless of the fact we are pretty much 24/7 at home, the time flies and having to work remotely, it is actually time-consuming to cook 2-3 meals per day. Plus even with the comfort of online grocery shopping we wouldn’t expect you to keep hibiscus flower and dodo bird’s feathers in your pantry hence we understand the food you’re aiming for should be:

  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Nutritious 
  • Delicious 

We’ve got you covered! Here, at Amberstalk we love to experiment and today we’ve tried out using our Hemp Protein Powder in pancakes🥞! 

What do you need?

• 30g Amberstalk Hemp Protein Powder

• 100g Chickpea Flour

• half a teaspoon of baking powder

• nut milk of your choice or water to combine all ingredients into a thick batter 

• fry it on a hot pan with a dash of coconut oil then flip it

• add any toppings you like  

1. Combine chickpea flour, hemp protein powder, baking powder and milk or water in a bowl and whisk it together ensuring smooth consistency of the batter. 

2. Fry it on the hot pan with a dash of coconut oil then flip it.

3. Et voila! Garnish the pancakes with your favourite toppings. We recommend fruits and nut butter combination for the most nutritious pancakes. If you prefer savoury option you may serve it with a fried egg on top and avocado on the side. 

We have added banana, hemp seeds and a drizzle of agave syrup on top 🍯 it only took us 15 minutes to prepare this delicious, nutritious breakfast. Did we also mention it’s vegan, gluten-free, organic and sustainable?

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