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Three simple ways of sustainable living, by Lawrence Tse

Sustainability is a way of life that does not consume more resources than our earth produces. It can be easily integrated into our everyday lives.

Let me share with you three simple sustainability living activities in a typical day:

1. Regular exercise: To stay healthy and keep the body active, I often run alongside the canal, cycle regularly around a park near home, and sometimes have a long ride to the countryside to enjoy nature. It is great to go outdoors to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful weather (quite sunny this year). It is also amazing to see the tree branches and leaves blown by the wind, and making relaxing sounds in the park.

2. Flexitarian diet: On the way home from exercise, I normally go for grocery shopping. My diet has become more vegetarian for sustainability, health and fitness reasons, from eating more white meat (chicken) to having more nuts, vegetables and fruits. Choosing locally grown farming produce can reduce carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide generated during the transportation of food from farm to the end-user). After my run or cycle ride, I often drink protein drinks within half an hour to speed up recovery. Soya milk, almond milk and hemp seed milk have been my regular choices. With the increasing popularity of plant-based protein drinks, they can be found in a dedicated section in a supermarket or health food shops. In addition to the benefit of less bloating (compared with cow milk), the amount of water needed to produce 1 kg of plant-based protein is typically much less than meat-based protein.

3. Recycling: After having the food, I gather and sort the packaging (cardboard, plastic, aluminium, glass, etc) and put them into a recycling bin. It is good to choose products that are made of recyclable or recycled packaging materials, to minimise environmental impact. More snack packaging is made of recyclable materials, making it easier for consumers to play their part in recycling.


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